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hamara linux on Cubietruck A20 board.

Posted: Tue Oct 07, 2014 9:18 am
by gurvinder
Now a days you will find many open source linux distros providing pre-built images for ARM architechture. Here at hamaralinux lab we have also decided to take this challenge and make first ARM build of Hamara which will run on Cubietruck A20 board. You can get more information for Cubietruck A20 board ... ment-board. This ARM build will have light graphics version as compared to full desktop version.

Prerequisites for installing hamara on Cubietruck A20 board.
  • - Setting up hamara repo for armhf architecture.
  • - Building hamara core.
  • - Create and install hamara-keyring in repo which is used for installing packages.
  • - Building NAND image from hamara core.
  • - Flashing Cubietruck box with NAND image using LiveSuit
Current Issues
  • - sunxi-gmac module is not loaded automatically.
  • - Cannot make NAND image more than 2 Gigabytes. LiveSuit software used for storing NAND image does not support more than 2 GB images.
  • - Resize NAND image after flashing Cubietruck.
  • - Network is not enabled by default. This is because sunxi-gmac module is not loaded automatically.
Where we are
We have successfully installed hamara on Cubietruck A20 as of now. The issues mentioned above have been sorted. We are now streamlining process so that we can provide ARM build for end user.

Re: hamara linux on Cubietruck A20 board.

Posted: Fri Oct 17, 2014 3:51 pm
by vik
For those interested, we released a beta today, you can grab the image here: ... board3.img