Basic idea behind the Hamara GNU / Linux

Those who are new to Hamara GNU/Linux post your questions here
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Basic idea behind the Hamara GNU / Linux

Postby dhananjay » Wed Aug 27, 2014 6:26 am

I liked the Hamara interface and the initiative. But i am not clear on the why one should use this when we have so many versions of operating systems

One who want to use this and a completely fresh user for Linux user following are the questions.

1) Why use this when so many version from each distribution already available on the internet , benefits over present OS ?
2) Why there is no information in the website where is available to download ?
3) How to use or to understand the features that are available in the system ?
4) How do I get support if I get stuck with the system ?

Just to get started with the system I am able to answer these will help to start with the use.

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Re: Basic idea behind the Hamara GNU / Linux

Postby vik » Thu Aug 28, 2014 2:29 pm


As we're busy distro building, we have not yet been able to get the website up - it it coming very soon however and does contain quite a bit of information that answers your questions.

1) No one really tackles the requirements of Indian users directly in their distro - so language support, support for specific hardware etc. This is where hamara helps - building a world class distro
tailored to the domestic market.

2) There is a download button on the website - the new website will be a lot easier. Here are the links to the current images:

3) We will be writing / releasing content

4) Either community support via the mailing lists, forum and social media or commercial support contracts from us directly.

Like I say, the new website is imminent - watch out for that.

Any suggestions are more than welcome!
Vikas Tara
Founder - Hamara Linux

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